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Bird of Time ARF (GPMA1052)
Tech Notes

Notice #1: Regarding the Wing Structure - October 9, 2003

While the vast majority of Dynaflite Bird of Time ARF owners have been delighted with its easy assembly and flight performance, a very small percentage have reported wing failures when launching.

Dynaflite and Dynaflite's manufacturing facility are examining all of these reports. Changes will be made to increase the wing's structural strength. You should not experience such failures, however, if you take normal precautions when you launch.

The wing and airframe of ANY sailplane—even those having composite structures—can be destroyed by excessive stress if a winch is not used properly. Sailplanes with a built-up balsa/ply wing and thin airfoil are especially vulnerable.

Proper winch operation is the responsibility of its user. Without appropriate restraint, wing failure can result. Therefore:

  • Do NOT attempt full pedal launches with the Bird of Time ARF.
  • Understand that you minimize the risk of wing failure by launching with a Hi Start.
  • If you must launch with a winch, please use the winch pedal responsibly!

Dynaflite subjects all new airplane kit and ARF models to rigorous stress-testing. Tests showed no weakness in the Bird of Time ARF wing during hi-start or winch launching. Winch launches were conducted in a reasonable manner, knowing that overzealous use could fold the wings.

If you encounter problems with your Bird of Time ARF wing, please let us know. We can send you a prepaid shipping label for returning the entire model to us. After we have evaluated it, we can give you options regarding possible replacement or exchange. We will do our best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Dynaflite apologizes for any inconvenience caused by reports, and actual failures, of the Bird Of Time ARF wing during launch.

Notice #2: Product Improvement Sheet:

We are constantly improving our products to enhance the quality of our kits and to increase our customers overall satisfaction. For this reason some changes have been made to the Bird of Time ARF (DYFA0500). The product improvement sheet (addendum) file below will explain those changes. Please read thoroughly before starting construction.

PDF Bird of Time ARF addendum

To view this file you will need the free Adobe Reader.

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