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PA-18 Piper Super Cub FAQ

Is this a 2-piece wing? If so, how does it go together?

Construction of this wing includes a 1" inner diameter (I.D.) by 25" length of paper (cardboard) tube and a 1" outer diameter (O.D.) by 24" length of aluminum tube. The paper tube will be cut into two 9" and one 7" lengths. The aluminum tube will NOT be cut.

The two 9" lengths of the paper tube are used to create a housing for the ends of the aluminum tube in each wing unit. The 7" paper tube is mounted in the center 'wing' portion of the fuselage and also creates a center housing for the aluminum tube. The aluminum tube is a reinforcing member that structurally ties together the right and left wing panels with the center 'wing' portion of the fuselage. When the wing units and the paper housing tubes have been constructed correctly, there will be approximately a 6-3/4" gap between the inner ribs on the left and right wing panels when they are mounted onto the aluminum tube (see pg. 22, step 7 of the manual for an illustration of how this will look).

The wing panels can be secured together in a couple different ways (your choice)—either by rubber bands or nylon bolts (both mounted on the wing panel root blocks and accessed from inside the fuselage). Essentially, the aluminum and cardboard tubes are your model's spar and cap strips.

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