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Super Decathlon Giant Fun Scale
Super Decathlon

Ease into aerobatics in a BIG way, with the Fun Scale Decathlon.

IMAA-legal 89" wingspan!

Since their introduction in the 1970's, Decathlons have been the most popular choice of full-size pilots wanting to learn basic aerobatic maneuvers. If you're an aspiring R/C aerobat who's ready to try your hand at performing loops, rolls and spins, Dynaflite's Giant Scale Super Decathlon kit is the easy-building, impressive-looking model that will take you to the next level.

  • Features the proven Selig 8036 semi-symmetrical airfoil that delivers an excellent balance between aerobatic potential and low-speed handling.

  • Flies well with a wide range of engine sizes—the U.S. Engines® 25 cc gasoline engine provides plenty of power for exciting aerobatics.

  • The vacu-formed windscreen, ABS wheel pants and 3-piece cowl offer authentic scale touches without a lot of work.

  • Included in the kit is a sturdy aluminum landing gear that stands up to less-than-perfect landings.

  • An easy access servo compartment has been thoughtfully placed near the tail for optimizing balance if heavy engines are used.

engine installation The Super Decathlon can be fast or slow, mild or wild, depending on your choice of power plant. Power through aerobatics with a U.S. Engines 25 cc (pictured) or a SuperTigre® G-3250. If you prefer a 4-stroke, try an O.S.® FT-160 Twin.

die-cut balsa construction Conventional construction with many die-cut parts help speed assembly - the authentically rounded elevator is achieved by laminating 5 layers of lightweight, 1/16" balsa.

wing construction For transportation convenience, the Super Decathlon's wing is built in two pieces that can be quickly and easily joined at the field. Mounting hardware for the shaped, scale-looking struts is also included.

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Stock Number: GPMA0510
Wingspan:89 in (2261 mm)
Wing Area: 1237 in² (80 dm²)
Weight:16-18 lb (7.26-8.17 kg)
Fuselage Length: 69 in (1753 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke 1.08-1.8 cu in or 4-stroke 1.20-1.60 cu in glow engine or 25-35 cc gasoline engine, 4-channel radio w/6 servos (5 high-torque servos @ 50 oz-in or better), 1000mAh Rx battery and 3+ rolls of Coverite 21st Century Fabric
PDFProduct manual v.2 - Parts Listing - Accessories Needed

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.

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