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Pic of Butterfly .15 motor-glider trainer

The "bigger is better" beginner plane!

  • Gentle, floating trainer offers all-balsa durability

  • Offers maximum stability and in-flight visibility

Large and lightweight, the all-balsa Butterfly trainer flies so gently—with a confidence-building slow cruising speed—that first-timers will soon besoloing successfully. You'll have plenty of time to observe, think and react. The kit simplifies assembly tasks by including machine-sanded ribs and preshaped fuselage sides. Despite the impressive dimensions, getting it to and from the field is no problem: the wing disassembles into two easy-to-handle pieces.

Stock Number: GPMA0090
Wingspan: 99 in (2515 mm)
Wing Area: 916 in² (59 dm²)
Length: 48.5 in (1230 mm)
Wing Loading: 7.5 oz/ft² (23 g/dm²)
Weight: 50 oz (1.42 kg)
Engine: 2-stroke .15-.20 or 4-stroke .26 engine
Radio: 3-channel radio with 3 servos and 2-3 rolls MonoKote®
Parts Listing - Accessories Needed

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.

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