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Perfect for launching sailplanes in limited spaces

The Up-Start is designed for launching sailplanes and only requires a 300-foot clearance area. The Up-Start can be used in fields too small for larger hi-start systems.

  • UV stabilized surgical latex rubber tubing holds elasticity longer for more consistent launches
  • Injection molded reel provides easy winding and storage
  • Strong, highly visible parachute allows for easy downwind recovery
  • Steel tow ring for safe launching
  • Produces launches of over 200ft (61m) in altitude while only requiring a 300ft (91m) long field
  • Up-Start 2M 1/8 is for wingspans of 72" or less; the standard Up-Start is designed for sailplanes with 100" wingspan or less.
  • Includes: 25ft surgical tubing, 8" steel stake, nylon parachute, plastic reel, spool of nylon twine, three metal rings

Stock Numbers:
GPMP8015 Up-Start 2M 1/8 Rubber
GPMP8020 Up-Start Standard 3/16" Rubber

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